Symposium presentation

C.S. Lewis  - Life and Legacy

The Interdisciplinary Symposium devoted to the life and work of C. S Lewis is meant to explore the reflections of Lewis’s personal growth in his writings, as well as the ways in which his literary and spiritual legacy has influenced his contemporaries and subsequent generations of writers and thinkers.

Best-selling author of children’s literature, The Chronicles of Narnia, C. S. Lewis (1898-1963) was a respected scholar and teacher for 29 years at Oxford University and then a professor of Medieval and Renaissance English literature at Cambridge University to the end of his career. A talented writer, he is one of the twentieth-century great literary figures who opened doors to new worlds of ideas, fantastic discoveries, insights of human experience and enduring questions of human meaning. Covering a wide spectrum of topics, he wrote prolifically in many genres: novels, poetry, fantasy, science fiction, essays, letters, literary history and criticism, as well as apologetics.

This Symposium it is open to both specialists, teachers, students and lay persons who are interested in the Oxford Don’s legacy and influential presence within current culture.

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